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Originally Posted by TLS View Post
I still think it's the rear tire pressure.

A good quality analog 0-15psi gauge is necessary.

There is a HUGE difference in ride between 8 and 12 psi.

Maybe these OTR tires are stiffer riding than Carlisle's ?
The new longer wheel base Super I now have with the semi-pneumatic tires (which I thought would be rougher riding) handle the ruts easier than my shorter wheel base Super does. When the front wheels move out of the rut it is a split second longer before the rear tires move through the same rut, which in turn lets your body adjust, as where with the shorter wheel base it does not. People may not think this can make a difference, but they only need to compare to find out for themselves. I honestly don't think I would have bought into this until experiencing it for myself.
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