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Originally Posted by piston slapper View Post
Lotsagrass...looks like you are in touch with your inner mechanic...
Don't concern yourself with how you fixed it....
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LOL My dad was a mechanic so I picked up things from him, but we're not close so I haven't been able to absorb all that he knows....but I did get some. I just worry about doing these sort of things on my own in case I need a special tool or I end up making things worse somehow. I have a good understanding of how engines work, but you know, it only takes one screw-up to really waste a lot of money. I'm still clueless about what was causing the weird problem you saw in the original video but I just hope it never comes back. The valves were sort of loose, I an say that. Now I don't hear them at all when the engine runs. Before they were ticking pretty loud. Not sure if they were way too loose and not opening the valves enough. I don't know. I'm confused :-)
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