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Originally Posted by TK LC&L View Post
I like the square foot idea of pricing, but what do you do if it is hilly compared to flat or if there are a million obstacles compared to an open yard?
32vld probably has better input for this than I do, but I'll offer my 2 cents anyhow. I should first state that I don't have any accounts that are hilly, so I can't say for certain how inclines may effect measurements. My thought is that as long as the measuring wheel follows the slopes (where applicable), your dimensions should still be accurate.

As for obstacles, there should be 2 different categories to file them under: Ones you just have to trim around but can run the mower over, and those that you have to trim and mow around. If it's something that you have to trim around but can pass over it with the mower, I'd measure the distance (approximate amount of feet) around the object, divide that number in half, and add it to your total square footage for the property. If it's something you have to trim/mow around, measure the distance (in feet) around the object, and add that whole number to your total square footage.

I'd imagine there's a better way of going about these things, but those are my thoughts on the topic anyhow.
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