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Originally Posted by ztman View Post
I always liked gravely. My first zt was a 48 inch gravely. Went shopping for a bigger mower this year.One dealer carried Exmark, Scag and Gravely. Dealer told me that he liked the Exmarks best. Said the Gravely doesnt cut as nice as the Scag. My 48 cut great, but based on his "expertise" I went with a Scag. Seems to me Gravely needs to talk to their dealers to see what they are saying about the mowers. I think both Scag and Gravely are good mowers, I guess you will have to demo both and decide for yourself
This is very common in my area too. One dealer really only pushes Exmark but carries both Scag and Gravely too. My response was lets demo all three in the rain!! You should have heard the excuses why he wouldnt let me try the Exmark in wet conditions!! Scag and Gravely no problem.
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