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Originally Posted by TK LC&L View Post
Ok I guess I should have stated that a little better. It is per man hour. So if a yard takes one hour to mow with me and another employee that would be $60. And the employee that I have with me when I mow is just a young unexperienced guy that I give $10/hour. So what I am saying is that I make $20 off of him. And I understand what the overhead is. Also I am a smaller company and am looking to grow the number of accounts I have so I am trying to be on the lower side to beat competition until I have the amount I need. Thank you to everyone who has contributed their thoughts to the thread so far.
$30 per man hour. A WB or ZT could cost $7-$11 an hr. Labor $13 an hr. Truck, insurance,overhead, IMO you lost money.
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