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Originally Posted by puppypaws View Post
The new longer wheel base Super I now have with the semi-pneumatic tires (which I thought would be rougher riding) handle the ruts easier than my shorter wheel base Super does. When the front wheels move out of the rut it is a split second longer before the rear tires move through the same rut, which in turn lets your body adjust, as where with the shorter wheel base it does not. People may not think this can make a difference, but they only need to compare to find out for themselves. I honestly don't think I would have bought into this until experiencing it for myself.
Your mower is alot longer than your 66, my 72 should be 2 inches longer than your 66.

Weight and speed do not mix over rough terrain all things being equal,yes water in the tires will lower the center of gravity and give better traction to a point. As your speed goes up the water will create a gyro imbalance as in like a washer on spin cycle that does not let the water out. Have you ever seen that when the machine starts violently jumping around.

And definitely on hills weight is your enemy for keeping traction and not sliding,now putting water in the tires lowers the center of gravity good and that is different.

In some cases at lower speed weight may be good if done correctly but as the speed goes up it handicaps bad.

You take a Goldwing at speed off road and see what handles better a 600 at 400 pounds or a Goldwing. The Goldwing with all it's weight will kill you at speed. The 600 can be made to handle and hill climb with no problem, they do it all the time, you do not see a Goldwing doing that do you?. THE GOLDWING WILL KILL YOU.

I'll be it 200 pounds is not that big a deal but a stiff chasses being made by the pounds could be.

All I am saying is ALL THINGS BEING EQUAL the lighter design will navigate choppy rutty terrain better not a heavier one.

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