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Originally Posted by Keith View Post
Did you have to add any makeup oil in 125 hours?

Almost every engine I have had "used" oil when I ran Mobil 1. Cars, trucks,mowers, didn't matter. Of course this was mostly in the 1990's and early 2000's.
I did...only about .25 or .33 qts or so....that was around the 105-110 hour mark or so....

I can't remember if this oil is M1 or Kohler cause i had some Kohler laying around. I asked Blackstone to try and trace which one it is.....

I am getting ready to stock up on 3 cases of M1. Costco has $10/off a 6-pack, plus their unit price before the coupon is like 5.30 or so per qt. Comes out to a pretty good deal. I believe you can run the dino stuff in the mowers just fine, but for $4 or so per qt. for M1, I'll run the M1
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