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Originally Posted by KrayzKajun View Post
Plan on getting a brush mower for my Mustang 2044 skidsteer. Where can i get a front cab door kit from? I plan to add an expanded metal layer on the outside of the glass. I wonder if i found a used door off another brand skid, if i could make it fit my machine. I not worried about covering the sides.
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without a good air filtration system, you will be miserable in an open cab. Eyes, ears, nose, mouth.. all covered in the finest dust you can imagine. It's like baby powder getting kicked up and why a lot of guys with mulchers see their A/C and cooling systems clog. More power to you if you can breathe.. I used to have an open cab.. for a long demo. This was back when mulchers were just hitting the skid steer market around 2000. I wanted to go out and buy an SCBA like I used in the fire department because the dust was so bad. I think I still cough..

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