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Originally Posted by TNGrassCutter View Post
Again incorrect examples. Your washer should never jump around when full of water, only time they do that is when they are on the spin cycle with all the clothes gathered on one side. It doesn't spin fast enough in wash cycles to jump around. The water or fluid is mostly staying at or near the bottom of the tire even at 15 MPH , its not spinning fast enough to move the fluid anywhere else.
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it's the wieght of the water that does the jumping not the weight of the clothes, when the water bleeds off and it is just the clothing it balances out and quits jumping.

I remember 20 or 25 years ago when the monster trucks were getting bigger and heavier then all the suddenly they used their heads and figured out well gee a Formula one car will stomp a Nascar in handling. gee I wonder why most of the reason is WEIGHT! so then they started ligtning the monster trucks up and then they handled the rough terrain much better and made much better times.

Just like my quad and my 2 wheeler. My 2 wheelers will tear up the quad in rough terrain why well most of it is weight but 2 wheels compared to 4 helps as well in making it more agile. The quad beats the crap out of you compared to the 2 wheeler.

15 MPH is a good clip to hit stuff with no real suspension.

And I will Gaurantee you can make my 200 pound lighter 72 handle a good bit better over practically all terrain over the new Super because it is 200 pounds lighter, no dought the new mower is better but 200 pounds is 200 pounds.
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