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There is no ONE best way in my opinion. It takes a full range of advertising options and it's nothing that is going happen overnight. I have a website, Facebook, signage on the truck and trailer, yard signs, shirts, text theyardboy to 90210. These all work TOGETHER. Now I will say, the text option has worked surprisingly well over the last month landing aeration jobs. I first set up my website in 2009. Sometime this spring, it moved to the top of Google when people search for lawn care or lawn service in the particular town I work in. Facebook is a very useful tools for posting pictures. I have also begun using youtube quite a bit over the last year or so.

I can tell you what has NOT worked for me. Postcards, direct mailings, newspaper ads. I ran a 1/8 page color ad last fall for 8 weeks in a paper that is distributed free every Wednesday to 25,000 households. Nary a call. Why? I believe it is because people just don't read the paper anymore. It's too time consuming. People want what they are looking for and they want it NOW. They don't want to pick up a paper or phonebook and search. Most of my leads come from online searches and that is where I focus most of my marketing efforts.
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