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Originally Posted by lifetree View Post
GMLC -- I've been following your threads about Gravely and find them very interesting ... however, I'm just curious how you first got hooked up with Gravely ?? Do you know why it was that they selected you for the demo in Orlando early this year ??
I can't speak for the exact reason they got a hold of GMLC, but IIRC, he had stated on this forum that he was looking to buy a new mower this year. I'm guessing they did with him like they did with me, and contacted him via PM to set it up.

All I did was say that I would like to demo a Prostance sometime to possibly add to my mowing battery, and the Gravely rep got in touch with me via PM to set that up. She is very helpful, and Gravely as a company has really impressed me.
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