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Originally Posted by lifetree View Post
That's great ... they apparently monitor LS to see who wants to demo their machines ... I am impressd just by that fact alone !! Needless to say I am also impressed with Gravely, I own one of their machines already.
I am quite sure they do, because when I first posted that I was finally getting the demo, the salesman said all they had was a 61" version, and I told him that I really needed to demo a 48" for the places I wanted to use it. he told me that they couldn't open a 48" to use as a demo this late in the season. Somehow there was a scheduling snafu so I didn't get the demo when I was supposed to, and I posted all that here. Next time he called me to set it up, he now had a 48" version with only a hair over 3 hours on it. Both the salesman, and Gravely have earned a future customer because of this.
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