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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post
As for the fluid in the tires, they don't just fill the bottom end. It is usually to at least 90%, but not more because there needs to be some air space for proper inflation, for both ride quality, and to make the tire flex better for traction in the fieldd. That way the rim is never exposed to air when using calcium chloride for weight, which would cause rust to form on the rim. Most are now using beet juice (Rim Guard) because it doesn't cause corrocsion, and costs less, but weighs more. Still, they fill the tire up to near the top. No weight tranfer or out of balance conditions that way, and tires filled to near full give far less road lope (hop) when transporting between fields.
Thanks I did not know that ,how fast can you go with the tires like that? I know in racing light wheels are the key to going faster so I know you can only spin them up so much before you run into trouble.

That is a huge tractor tire as well, it gave me the idea to do it to my mower for doing real steep slopes? with low air pressure to try and get the tires to hook up better.

You are telling the weight has nothing to do with the quad being a pig?

I do not like the fact the new Super weighs 200 more pounds at all.

You want it to glide over all the ruts at speed not ride in them, that is why my more agile bikes kill the heavier machines.Although I will admit this is a mower and not a race vehicle but 15 MPH is pretty racy for no suspension.

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