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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post
As for the fluid in the tires, they don't just fill the bottom end. It is usually to at least 90%, but not more because there needs to be some air space for proper inflation, for both ride quality, and to make the tire flex better for traction in the fieldd. That way the rim is never exposed to air when using calcium chloride for weight, which would cause rust to form on the rim. Most are now using beet juice (Rim Guard) because it doesn't cause corrocsion, and costs less, but weighs more. Still, they fill the tire up to near the top. No weight tranfer or out of balance conditions that way, and tires filled to near full give far less road lope (hop) when transporting between fields.
I will gaurantee you I can get the older Super with tuning to handle and ride a good bit better over rough terrain than the newer 200 pound heavier machine.

I have set up enough race vehicles to know how bad weight is in rough terrain.

Thanks for the info

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