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Originally Posted by DVS Hardscaper View Post
Lawnsite member Jim Lewis had mentioned a few months ago that there is some contractor in his neck of the woods that is doing some outlandish warranty.
Sorry to bring up an old thread. I never saw this thread before.

There is this big conglomerate (they have branches all up and down the West coast) called Systems Pavers that offers a 25 year warranty on their paver patios and also a 30-day money-back guarantee. All they are is a sales company. The only employees they have is a branch manager and a few estimators. They have no installers, no shop, no office, nothing. Every time they land a job, they sub it out to someone else in the area who does pavers. And since none of the reputable, more established companies in the area would ever work for them, they get sort of the bottom of the barrel in terms of installers and experience. They get these companies who sort-of know how to install pavers. They never use edge restraint (just pour a few bags of concrete around the edges to keep the pavers in place). They never install geo fabric. They will install steps right over siding, etc. and without any flashing, vapor barrier, etc. I've seen a number of their installs where they didn't even install a border (e.g. sailor course or soldier course) when one was really sorely needed.

The Portland branch gets mixed reviews on Angie's List. Some F's and D's but also a fair amount of A's, B's and C's too. The main complaint seems to be that the customer didn't understand that they used subs and they were unhappy with the subcontractor. Other complaints involve the wrong variety or color of paver installed or poor communication.

But their big selling point is their 25 year warranty. It's really all they got going for them. I hate going against them on bids. Fortunately, we know their weaknesses and have learned to capitalize on that. So when we hear we're bidding against them we will emphasize strengths that we have that we know they are weak in. But I still hate that damn 25 year warranty. It's freakin' ridiculous! What I hate most about it is when people actually fall for it. And they do!
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