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Today I used a Toro Z Master diesel zero turn. Its ground speed is definately faster than my old dixons were, I rode it as fast as it would go over ever rut I could find, I was bouncing out of the seat completely with my ass lifting a few inches above the seat. But I never had any jerking feeling, my neck wasnt jerked forward to back. It reminded me of the ride on the dixon, just plain old bumps up and down very rough ride sure, but no jerking whatsoever. It was such a relief to be using that machine, then I immediately got back on the hustler and drove over the exact same terrain at 1/4 of the speed, and had the deck bouncing and my neck being jerked once again.

The big difference between the mowers, hustler has flex forks, the toro didnt. Im wondering if there is an issue with my flex forks or if I simply dont like the way a zero turn rides with flex forks... But I am goign to ask the dealer if I can borrow a set of standard forks and use them for a while to see how it goes.

I never said my old dixon wasnt rough, I just said it never jerked me around and made me nasueas.
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