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Originally Posted by puppypaws View Post
I have no problem seeing exactly what is causing the bouncing, and it is definitely coming from the washboard effect of the ruts which came from water washing soil away over the years. I could also see immediately you were running nowhere close to the Super Z's top speed, if running over the ruts at that speed you would be leaving the seat if not strapped in very tightly.

The one thing I do have a problem with is you saying you have cut this same property on a previously owed ztr at 13 mph without seeing the bouncing you are experiencing with the Super Z. That my friend is not possible, my new longer wheel base Super Z would not ride smoothly over this ground, but much better than a shorter wheel base ztr equipped with only a suspension seat.

Think of this ground in terms of water you are riding across in a boat, the chop on water which has the peaks of its waves spaced out at a certain distance may be extremely rough riding in, lets say an 18' boat. You can take the same boat and add only 3' to its length making it a 21' boat, which in return will allow the boat to reach across, and stay on top of the waves making for a much smoother ride. The reason I use this illustration comes from many years of operating boats in size from 10' to 52'... the shorter, lighter boat will beat your brains out, while the heavier, longer boat gives a much superior ride. Weight and length is the part of the equation that makes basically anything ride better.

Mate the ruts on this lawn are NOT the only place I get this issue. I get the same problem on EVERY single one of my lawns!! I wish I never showed the dam video of the ruts, I was just trying to show it in its most dramatic state. But if you would just take my dam word for it, the machine does it everywhere there is any kind of bump whatsoever, okay? I guess your the kind of guy that thinks most people out there are stupid and therefor you give no one the benefit of the doubt.

I never said I could run the dixon at 13 MPH I said half the speed of the hustler is the full speed of my dixon, therefor the speed is 7MPH flat out on dixon and yes I assure you I can dam well go full speed over those ruts in my dixon!!!!! I dont make things up!! I do get a very rough ride with the dixon, but the rough ride has no jerking in it, therefor i get no headaches or ill feelings after hours of mowing on the dioxon.

its not the ground or the ruts or the washboard effect...

Your telling me that since I went from a for eg 2.576897 meter long wheel base as opposed to a 3.576543 meter wheel base, therefor I should expect to be jerked around and expect a rough ride and just put up with it?

As far as speed goes. As I keep saying on here, I get the same rough ride at all speeds!!!
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