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Originally Posted by Mickhippy View Post
Ok so you need to make the deck springs shorter. Compress them with a couple of ratchet straps like I said in another post. That way you'll know if its the springs or not.
Hope your dealer can sort a couple of forks, and air filled tires set at 10psi or so for you.
It seems as though the "rough mower ride" is causing the deck to bounce dont you think? I feel the right way to do it would be to fix the rough mower, then the deck may not bounce...

After getting on another machine similar in weight and length and feeling its ride completely different and way more user friendly, this reassured me there is something out of place with the ride on my hustler.

The other thing to mention here is the deck didnt bounce on that other machine once! even though I bounced out of the seat.

I dont see why the springs on my machine being the exact same as the springs on your machine, should be the cause of the deck bouncing around. If you ask me its just evidence that the machine is running rougher than yours is. At this point im hoping the flex forks have an issue, they may be stiffer than they should be and causing the washboard effect over every bump i go on.

Dunno, but sick of analysing the mower i cant tell ya that! didnt expect any of this when I handed the dealer all that money.

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