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Originally Posted by Ric View Post
Like Many Big Box stores they survive on HYPE & BS (marketing) Not unlike our current Election.

"Perceived Value" is not always the "Received Value". I am sure there are marketing forums some where, that are dedicated to PERCEIVED VALUE.

I drive a used TG/CL Isuzu truck. I fell for received value of a excellent work truck and the Perceived value that I was serious about my business.

Here in Florida, my area is God's Waiting Room and refilled each day with New Retirees. True Brown does OK in picking up former Northern Customers. (Nothing is Easier that Blue Grass). But the Grape Vine tells me with 4 million in sales on the S W Gulf Coast of Fla. True Brown is so mismanaged they Bleed Money.

What I meant was that they would not survive long in Hawaii. DOA is on the ball and customers are extremely demanding. Spreading kitty litter instead of fertilizer or blue water instead of herbicide would not pass for very long. Frying lawns/ornamentals or failing to deliver results in 30 days or less gets you bounced. The excuse of "that weed is not controllable, you need to re sod" does not fly. People would just as soon deal with a "landscaper" or yard boy if that was what was going to be done.
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