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Other than that, maybe this machine just isnt for you.
I have to say, I mow some much much rougher properties than in your vids. The one thing I love about the machine is the ride, drive system etc. I HATE the discharge and the fuel tanks but thats about it.[/QUOTE]

How slow would you be going over the real rough stuff, like as slow as 5 kph or even less? and do you get any jerking of your upper body front to back that you can think off? the same jerking you would be feeling if you jerked the levers on and off quickly, do you get this feeling at some point or another on any or all of your lawns.

I honestly hope it is something I can fix, I hate that I have to be bad naming what seems such an excellent machine, hense why I bought it.

I dont hold any hope in asking reps or anyone to do with hustler, they all tell me they have never heard of ANYTHING like it, all I know is what I keep experiencing every day I use it. This NSW rep is meeting with me next monday to go over that lawn in the video. See if he can teach me something I am doing wrong. But I must say, I doubt he would have done the amount of hours cutting lawns on zero turns as I have, so I just dont understand how it can be something im doing wrong, but will be happily wrong about that if he can show me something different that gets rid of this jerking.
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