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My first zero turn was a snapper 60 inch bought it used in the mid 90's I was a snapper guy still like the walk behinds. It had the joy stick control witch was great the best turns on a mower the bad it was slow the wheel drive belt allway needed to be adjusted did I mention slow. In 98 I bought a Exmark lazer 60 inch so much faster handled better on hills cut better all around better less down time. I cut with it till may of 2011 but engine was leaking oil real bad pumps were getting old and had about 3900 hrs so went to my exmak dealer. To get a comparable mower I was looking at at least 10 grand I had paid under 7 for last one so was a bit taken back. They tried to sell me a cheaper version for about 8 grand but wasn't trilled with it as far as specs. I shopped around snapper, toro, skag, hustler and a friend told me about gravelys said they were like a tank. I ended up with a 260 pro turn with a 29 hp efi koller for 8200 and have been very happy. No problems with the mower mechanically it isn't as good on the hills as my exmark have to slow down a bit but make up time with its speed everywhere else. The stock blades are the best I have ever used very heavy hold an edge for longer then I expected. I have used it to cut fields of grass over 2 foot high with 2 passes and very happy with the cut. The fuel injection has saved me some on gas even with this years high prices. I'm all about Gravely now thanks Normie.

60'' Gravely pro-turn 29 hp
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