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Originally Posted by Tharrell View Post
Just what is your frigging problem?
That's at least the second time you posted that exact same thing.
There's no need for that kind of stuff around here.
Usually it's 15 year old kids we have problems with not grown men.
OK we get it, you don't care for Lesco. Move on.
btw-I do carry on but, it's on appropriate websites like where I can pretty much say what I want but this is a grown up BUSINESS web forum and trolls are not wanted.

For the others, I'm in contact with Brian at Hustler and it is being taken care of.
Tharrell, work is slow for him, so he makes these cute little remarks in an attempt to raise the confrontational side of whomever may show can read his post for a short period of time and pick up on the subtleties injected into his conversation; in attempt to get a get a rise from people that do not understand the character behind the keyboard. I answer the questions he ask that could have possible meaning to someone reading the thread. The questions he throws out that I see no relevance to helping anyone, I just disregard.

You can tell by your post he temped the confrontational part of your character, you will learn to read through the stir the pot remarks he throws out as bait to anyone that will bite.

You will notice he did not come back with an answer to the weight illustration I used when receiving my physics class.
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