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Originally Posted by tonydirks View Post
Smallaxe, I am not sure I understand what you are saying? The matting we use runs close to the same price as a good thick layer of hydromulch, we charge $0.18 a sq. ft., and I know some here will say thats high for hydromulch, I seen threads where they claim they do it for $.04 a sq. ft., and I say no wonder I have not been impressed with the results that I have seen in hydoseeding, because you have the lowballers out there bidding it cheap to get the job and the grass stand doesnt look any better than if you would have just scattered seed without doing a thing to it.
You make some good points and I have to agree that someone who lowballs a job and does shoddy work probably is hurting the industry and their own business in the long run. I have been involved in the hydroseeding industry for 22 years and hydroseeding for 16 years and do a lot of hydroseeding. I am also on the board of the hydroseeding association and talk to a lot of hydroseeders. I don't see anyone seeding anymore at 4 cents a foot unless it is a big highway job or the like. I see guys whose material cost to hydroseed is that. Mine is more in the 2 cent range. I do see guys who charge 16-20 cents a foot. Mine is more in the 8-10 cents a foot going up to 20 for small jobs.

I will agree that if someone does a shoddy job of hydroseeding it may not be any better than just throwing seed on the ground but about 20% of my work is redoing jobs where they threw seed on the ground even as many as 3 times or used seed and straw and couldn't grow grass and I got them a great stand of grass by hydroseeding. Seeing a lot of seeding jobs done various ways I do think spreading seed and covering it with a layer of compost is also an excellent way to go.
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