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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
My point is to just stop using the strawmat, the hydromulch or fabric entirely... If you feel the need to cover the seed then, compost is going to do the most excellent short term and long job of anything... But I never use straw(other than extreme circumstance) and use compost for the sake of using compost in tough areas...

There are lots of strategies that I use for seeding depending on the environment, the season, irrigatio or not, soil, existing turf thickness, etc.,,, but putting down a straw mat is never an option for me, there is a better more excellent way to start seed and grow turf, so don't let the naysayers/bullies intimidate you into staying inside your box...
This late in the season better use the straw not hydromulch
Who puts fabric down over seed I want hear more on this fabric
Somethings you say makes me
Thank AXE
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