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Originally Posted by Mickhippy View Post
Yeah, half inch wasnt much. Need a couple inches.
I wrote this last night....

Its thought that the older flex forks are softer than the new. If thats the case then maybe you have the older forks. Ask your dealer to try a different set of those as well.
In fact, why dont you get him to bring a demo machine out and try the machines side by side, try the demo. Least that way you'll know if its just your machine or not. Swap forks around while your at it.

Other than that, maybe this machine just isnt for you.
I have to say, I mow some much much rougher properties than in your vids. The one thing I love about the machine is the ride, drive system etc. I HATE the discharge and the fuel tanks but thats about it.
The early flex forks (xr7) are physically smaller in shaft area that goes through the frame. Unless they had to different makes in ride softness in the vx4 style I doubt that this would be the case. Of course you can always have a bad one or two in a bunch as well.
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