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Originally Posted by TreeNut View Post
There have been some very interesting developments about our case. Yesterday, I received a call from an investigator at the Ohio Attorney General's office. She was asking about our experience with this problem and DuPont. They may or may not become involved, but they are gathering information, stimulated by the article in the Dispatch last Saturday. They have received "a few" complaints from individuals concerning the Imprelis issue.
Also as a result of the article, found out DuPont is mad at me because I made comments in that article saying they had not responded to our claim. THEY claim they had not responded because we never submitted a claim--they wrote the nasty letter about me to the attorney, who called yesterday and sent me a copy. My best analysis of that is that our original claim was made through the LCO as part of a HOA, and that the LCO and president of our HOA had been receiving correspondance about all 22 lots, which have been treated a one group. My guess is they couldn't find us because we have been reduced to just a number, rather than a name. So, I've sent our "number" to the attorney, in case
they can pull up my claim that way. What a freakin' mess!
Hello TreeNut, I'm curious about something. Are the 22 lots of your subdivision treated and billed to the HOA under one account? Or, does your subdivision simply have the common areas treated and billed to the HOA? Or, do you all use the same Lawn Care Company for which each of you has a seperate billing account? The reason for my inquiry is I don't understand why you would be treated as a group if you all have seperate accounts. Even if you all use the same company, individual site visits/ claim forms should have been completed for each of you.
We have HOA's in the Imprelis Claims Resolution Process only because we treated the commons of a subdivision. All other claims are for each individual homeowner. As the HOA doesn't own your property it wouldn't make sense that they could sign off on any agreement for your personal property. If all 22lot's are treated as one group account, I would hope your HOA has held meetings for you all to discuss the issue.
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