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Originally Posted by Florida Gardener View Post
B/c at those will surely for the most part, not run into any manufacturers say to change you motor oil at 3-K. Most mechanics will tell you on dino oil you can go to 5-K these days. I run Amsoil in my Tundra and go to 15-K. An oil report doesn't lie.

What car manufacturer recommends 3k?
I have not checked my current vehicle's manual, but my previous vehicles always stated 6k under normal use or 3k under intense use, or heavy duty, or term like that. To me, this is the easy out for MFR's. They don,t have the time and money to do testing on every oil out there. Plus they can't for see all different conditions every owner will use their car or truck. Lots of highway, always in the city, always towing a 3k trailer, lots of idling, lots of dust....allconditins which will determine how long before the oil breaks down.

The MFR does not know if the consumer will use 29 cents/quart no name oil, or the most soph!isticated oil on the market, so their recommended oil change is conservative enough to cover their butt. I know with small engines, lawnmowers, handheld...etc, major tests to see why an engine failed costs to much vs the price of the small engines. Most dealers take out the plug or remove the head and if there isn't,t ant damning evidence of oil related failure, it gets passed under warranty, the MFR won't question the call.

For cars and trucks, I don't know the process, but figure the would check a bit more due to the cost of replacing the engine. I know the laws can very from state to state, but pretty sure MFR ha to have evidence of oil related engine failure before denying a claim.

I think most guys doing extended intervals with synthetics care about their equipment, which is why they bother to pay more for better quality oil. This forum and others would be full of engine failures and denied claims over the years if synthetics were just BS.

I have used synthetics in my cars,trucks, and small engines since the early 80's and have never had any problems. BTW, I haven't used a bottle of Mobil1 in more than 20 years. Back then it would say 100 synthetic with a small asterisk and on the back it would say "not including carrier oil" making it not a true synthetic; do today's bottles still say this?
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