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Originally Posted by Think Green View Post
Point taken well Ric!
I often find myself talking to you as though you were right next door.........sandy loam soils.
I forget your methods is designed for your sandy clayic soil mixes. I can now see where you need more carrier to hold on to the fertilizer and the roots.
In my case, this nut job at helena Chem told me how to use granular urea in my mix. This staff member and part of the sales team advised it as my state extension agent didn't know anything other than granular for crops.
I wish I had more educated people to speak to in order to deliver a quality fertilizer in liquid applications. I would love to apply multiple things in one shot.
Yep he dumped on you. I hope he gave you a Discount. It is just as good just harder to dissolve. Granular Urea isn't very popular in Florida. Fact is I even posted I couldn't find any for a Pasture. I believe Granular Urea is popular this time of year up north for Spring Green Up. But I could be wrong. Years ago Russia dumped a large load of granular Urea on the world market. I jumped on the $ 5.00 a bag price and had no problem dissolving. But it had Black specs in it. My filter took the Specs out and I had no problems with it. Takes a lot of agitation to dissolve it.

I am forever thinking of niche markets and Granular Urea would be a great product to supplement Pasture fertilizers. Small Horse estates in the 5 to 10 acre size was my target. It isn't a Huge market because I saw the two extremes. Either they have the Horse so they don't have to bush hog. Or they need to get rid of the horse and let the pasture grow back. Over stocking is the Number one problem with these commercial stables. No amount of Pasture management will over come over grazing.


it is one thing to do a off label applications. It is total stupidity to post it on the world wide web and expect people to approve.

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