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"rust" on Kichler underwater lights

For those of you using the Kichler underwater light (15711), in a fountain or water feature that is serviced by the pool guy (chlorine), have you had a problem with the fixtures growing a rust colored algae on them? I've cleaned out this fountain a couple times, and the pool guy says he is only putting 1" chlorine tablets in the water now, but the "rust" is coming back. The homeowner swore they were rusting, but it seems more like an algae that is rust colored. Makes for a heck of a mess after a few weeks. After cleaning them off, it's obvious that the housing is not rusting, as even the text printed from Kichler is still on the side of the body.Talking to the local Kichler rep, who last month recommended switching to the chlorine tablets, is now telling me to try an algaecide. Anyone else have any experience with this? I've only used maybe 40 of these in the last year and half, but never had this problem.
Sean Billante
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