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They need to support what they have out before they promise more!!!
Are you having an issue with one? They are pretty bullet proof. Maybe I can help?

yep they are. my dealer and i are buddies n he told me they are trying to make it as maneuverable and zippy as a Walker. i demoed one last year with the intentions of dumping my walkers but it was so slow and unresponsive i couldnt buy it.
This is an odd statement. The Navigator is hands down faster and more responsive then a Walker due to the differences in design issue. There is currently a service advisory out on some bad Hydro Gear pumps, maybe the unit you demoed has that problem because they are by no mean sluggish. We had these bad pump on the unit we ordered in for demo use. You after about 10 hours of use, you'd put the drive lever forward and when you let the handles would creep.....

I was told part of the update on the machines was due to Hydro Gear no longer building the planetary reduction wheel motors used in the navigator, with some updated features. I will have my hands on a unit by week's end.
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