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Originally Posted by A1 services View Post
Thanks. I just cant help but be a bit hesitant about a briggs. And the Kawisaki has a 3 yr warranty as opposed to a 2 yr on the briggs
The Vanguard is a B&S in name only. They are made in Japan by Diahatsu in a factory that B&S partnered with them in building. Diahatsu is owned by Toyota. Because they partnered with B&S in building the factory, B&S is the US distributor. If you do a search on this forum for threads on the Vanguard, you won't find very many people bad mouthing them, if any. They are highly regarded by those in this business that use them. They are as good an engine as anything made today, and the extra 6 ponies will make your Z much more capable.

Like I said, I'm a Kawi fan, and have been for a looong time, but if I could have got the Vanguard instead of the Kawi on my Z950, I would have in a heartbeat.
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