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Originally Posted by Realslowww View Post
I noticed a difference immedietely in ride of the chasses itself but the flex forks really did work on the newer designed Super, the mower is superior but I do not like the added 200 pounds.

I would want to demo the newer unit on steep slopes because the weight would make it slide to the bottom more easily. I cut some really steep stuff.

His complaint is very valid, I had a guy tell me his new super was doing the same thing 3 months ago and it pissed him off good so if you all find a cure I will pass it along to him.

He claimed his old XR7 60 did not have the deck jump but the new one did, hopefully it is just the 60 and not the 72.

i have cut some steep slopes on the hustler, same slopes as I did with the dixon, in the areas the dixon would stay on the slope and only slide downwards a little, the hustler slides down completely. this is on quite steep slope & would be simply the heavier weight. But its not much of an issue as this one is very steep, other slopes im on its slides slightly, whereby the old one wouldnt slide at all, but not enough to bother me so the handling on slopes is good considering its extra weight. But best to try for yourself off coarse.

I have used the 72" super z on the same ground as my 60", the 60" deck bounced around 10-15 times as opposed to only ever noticing 1 very slight bounce on the 72" over a decent sized rut. I put this down to the 72" deck being so much heavier. Also noticed that mower a little smoother, but it has a longer wheel base so hard to compare the two, plus was only for 2-3 mins use.
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