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Originally Posted by Realslowww View Post
What I said was added weight would beat the sh it out of the operator all things being equal and hitting rough terrain going fast and for a machine with no real suspension 15 is pretty quick The Pupster . I am just jealouse you have the mower I want but I cannot justify it at the momment.
This is what an uninformed person that has no dog in the weight and longer wheel base mower rides better fight had to say. This means someone that has no idea if a heavier mower with a longer wheel base should ride better or not said it did ride better based on his unbiased opinion, so much better he did not want to recognize the comparison.

Originally Posted by greenology View Post
I have used the 72" super z on the same ground as my 60", the 60" deck bounced around 10-15 times as opposed to only ever noticing 1 very slight bounce on the 72" over a decent sized rut. I put this down to the 72" deck being so much heavier. Also noticed that mower a little smoother, but it has a longer wheel base so hard to compare the two, plus was only for 2-3 mins use.
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