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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
I see fabric being used on small lawns with various patches up to 100 sq.ft. or more... that is probably the best cover possible, even to rival compost, but the largest roll I ever saw of it , only opened up to 10' wide... I've never used it for lawns myself, but I have seen it out there... I've used it personally in the garden, years ago and know how it could benefit the seeding environment... I would still opt for shredded straw on hillsides instead, just for the convenience... on the flats I do none of that...
Its not Fabric its wood fibers some is coconut fibers weaved together
Its called Eroison mat
Tell you some bad things about using that is clogs up your lawn mower with strings and can damage a mower with the string, its like fishing line
You can pull it back up after grass comes up but Then take chance ripping the new grass out best leave it, let it decay
I use it to control Eroison and sometimes use on very small lawn little cheaper then hydro seeding If its late season and Customer dont want straw I will put Eroison mat but if spring time or summer and they will water I'll hydro seed
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