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" I am thinking a mobile repair company that focuses on repairing commercial grade equipment for lawncare companies, property preservation companies, tree companies, etc. might be the way to go for this "

rm25x You better stick to homeowners and stay away from the landscapers and such. After 3 years, I learned this the hard way. Homeowners will be glad to cut you a check most of the time before you leave the driveway. Industrial and commercial customers you will have to chase around for 6 months and a lot of times you'll never see your money.
One reason for this as I just looked at your local laws, they are pretty much the same for my area is there is no recourse you can legally take to get your money. Your on their property and when you leave they do not have to pay you. The equipment is not part of the property.

If you want to do industrial and commercial customers do what I do now as a test. Do a relativly small job for them, say dont let the invoice get over about $350. If you have to chase them around for months to get paid, or dont get paid from them at all, take them out of your database. A good customer that knows he owes you money will find you. For the rest, stop answering the phone when they call.

Let me say this too. Never ever ! pay for parts up front out of YOUR pocket ! You will end up paying for the part and the labor. If the customer doesnt agree with paying for a $2000 part upfront , move on.... Once you put on a few kohler shortblocks that cost $1500 and never see your money and there is nothing you can do about it, you will see what i'm saying here.

If you have any questions please repost.
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