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Sure, let's say we are cleaning a valve box out for a repair.
If the box is dry you might add a couple gals of H2o and start the vac, when full you dump the water back into the box. Dump the soils on the ground tarp and repeat the vac part until finished

Works well.

If the ground is hard and dry you have to use the super duper 1idejim digging tool. Twelve inch length of 1.5 inch belled end sched 40 pipe, 1.5 X 1 reducer bushing and a twelve inch piece of 1 inch sched 40 pipe. Dry assemble for use and slip the 1.5 pipe into the vac hose, use the 1 inch as a digging tool.

Last Tuesday i cleaned some holes i drilled for a small pole building i am building right now. Not a speck of dirt on the bottom of the hole.

When i trench i use a 5 ft piece of 1.25 as an extension to clean the trenches. Sounds lazy but instead it is a very clean method of excavation. And you may find that you do less damage when working around wires.
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