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Originally Posted by greendoctor View Post
What I meant was that they would not survive long in Hawaii. DOA is on the ball and customers are extremely demanding. Spreading kitty litter instead of fertilizer or blue water instead of herbicide would not pass for very long. Frying lawns/ornamentals or failing to deliver results in 30 days or less gets you bounced. The excuse of "that weed is not controllable, you need to re sod" does not fly. People would just as soon deal with a "landscaper" or yard boy if that was what was going to be done.

funny you say that GD yrs ago they came to my house and look at my yard to give me a price this was pre z spray and they seen what was black medic on the north side of my house and told me this was un-controllable bc it was a woody type weed.. i just said oh ok really he didnt know i knew how to control it and at this current time dont have any in my yard...

one of the best things i have learned here from you and ric and roy was to blanket spray the yard instead of doing the hunt the weed type of stuff and now bc of that i would say my yard has very little weeds then it ever has..

the century link guy was here a few weeks ago fixing my dsl and called me to tell me he had it fixed while he was standing in my yard and damn who takes care of your yard. Told him i do he said no not mows it but does the weed control and fertilizer i laughed at him and said i do it all..(with some help from you guys here on LS)
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