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Originally Posted by phasthound View Post

SumaGreen is not a miracle product. It takes some time to work and is not meant to be a one time application. The first application should be at double rate or with about 1/8lb N for quicker visible results. After that it should be applied at 6 week interviews. Those who are using SumaGreen in conjunction with organic based ferts are seeing very good results.

This years results will be compiled this winter.
"132012" posted "I was just writing to say after the rainfall these past few days after another treatment of SumaGreen my lawns are 'BANGIN'. The difference in one week is crazy."

I have not seen any posts on Sumagreen in over 3 weeks so I thought I would finally chime in with hopes other posters would share their results.

I've made 2 separate apps of Sumagreen to a few properties over the past 2 months and I see no "WOW or BANGIN or CRAZY" affect. "132012" said in dozens of posts that he is using Sumagreen to replace fertilizers (with 1/8 lb of N added).

I use organic based ferts which contain composted poultry manure and Milorganite as an organic base plus normal ferts blended in. Like I said, I've made 2 Sumagreen apps this fall with only 1 pound of slow release N and see no COLOR differences with Sumagreen added so far. It may possible that: the root system maybe deeper, the soil maybe more enhanced, in 2013 I may have better drought tolerance, etc. Like Barry said, this is not a miracle product. I get the feeling that Sumagreen takes much more time than I'm giving it. I'm sure that a side by side study over an entire season is more legit than a few apps. Just passing along my observations. Would love to hear other userís results.
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