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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post
It isn't a matter of suction/vacume mate. It is the fact that there simply aren't enough blade strikes per forward inch of travel to cut cleanly at that speed (much less than one side of the blade striking the grass, or less than one strike per forward inch of travel). I'm sure on some of that stuff you cut that is fairly stiff, it will do a fair to good job, but on many of the grass types we have here, especially in the northern half of this country, it simply won't leave the QOC that many of us need at that speed. There'd just be too many stragglers left behind.
Sorry bro but on my prop's, if the ground is smooth and grass is short and dry, I can certainly cut at full stick. I do it often and cant tell the difference between slow or fast. Again, thats on my grass types in optimum conditions.
I havent mowed northern grass's so cant really comment on that except that from my understanding, that type of grass is pretty limp. Thats why people have problems with it ie vacuum. I can certainly see the need to slow down on limp grass but cutting low is a different story.

Heres a vid, first of 3 or 4. Keep in mind, this is my place so not much care was taken and I wasnt going to publish these. Ground was soft, wet and hadnt been mowed in probably over 4 weeks. Practically all my properties were like this or worse at the time. I put photos up if you remember back.
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