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Originally Posted by turfcobob View Post
The Turfco T3000 has suspension for the operator plus and articulating front axle for a very easy comfortable ride. The steering wheel makes it extra easy on the body.
Hey Bob, I wanted to let you know that the XT-5 I purchased from y'all this year did great for us. We weren't able to do as many as we would have liked due to the fact that it stopped raining the first part of April and didn't rain for 5 months. It's a great piece of equipment as I'm sure the T-3000 is also. We're looking forward to making more money with that aerator this coming season.

Lawn King, the Z has a pretty comfortable ride also as well as easy to steer. If you want comfort, it can be found for a little more than what those HP's set you back. I've driven one around at my local Lesco branch and can't imagine using one all day every day.
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