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Thanks Ric,
I seek advice from those before me that has invested money into these types of snake oil apparatuses. At first this tool appeared to be a real problem solver, then after watching the video and doing some soul searching, I resigned my interest. I agree that with the idea of natural gas leaks that go undetected at residential sites will be a problem. I do not want to blow up myself nor residential and commercial buildings...........Funny as Carl Spakler would say! but in reality, the market in farm situations will be futile.
I enjoy this site with its realistic views and some sarcastic one's. It takes all kinds of people to make a forum work together. Even if some of the remarks are crude, there is a balance.
Yes, my interest in the Rodenator is stupid.......but the interest was short lived.
No harm Ric.....thanks!!!

Yes, I am on the band wagon of seeking quicker......more profitable proliferate ways to make money. Ways that is more reliable and results are people of today want things done with visuals.
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