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Originally Posted by RigglePLC View Post
Is your best lawn sprayer really good with a hose? Are you? Smooth as silk...graceful as can be. Never get it tangled. Never kink? Never twisted? Never caught on bird baths or rose bushes? Always on the reel smooth and even? Never trip on hose? Pull out 300 feet uphill, and around a corner without breathing hard?

Got video?

Even better, can you throw a coil of hose and jump a birdbath from 50 feet away? (Can you do it left handed, while still spraying with your right?)
Got video to prove it?
Set up a spreader in your parking lot--see which of your guys can jump it with the hose.
Back in day Hose dragging I sprayed w/3ft hand boom and I had another guy doing the dragging He could bounce that hose over lots of stuff Thank god thats in the pass Riding for me now
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