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I still think the distance between his ruts, rear tire psi, and possibly his deck springs are the root of his problem. The seat of my pants tells me my Kendas on the rear of my 460 ride worse than the Carlisles on my SZ at the same psi. My XR7 deck is so bloody heavy my wife can barley lift it and that's with 2" of adjustment at the front adjustment rods instead of the 1" they recommend.

Gday, I have rulled out the idea that it is the distance between the ruts, I rule this out when I say the issue is there on all the properties I have tried it on so far, the only time it is a good ride is when there are no bumps. the reality is there are always bumps, i dont have the luxury of cutting golf courses all day, but I must say the majority of my jobs are on million dollar, some multi million dollar properties in rural sydney, so they arent paddocks they are decent lawns which I had a very comfortable ride on other zero turns cutting them.

Tyre pressure I havnt completely ruled out yet as I need a good low pressure gauge, but I can say I have let out a lot of pressure (not in those videos) but before I gave it to the dealer i had the tyres down to what Im sure is low & it made no noticable difference, im sure there is a difference but i couldnt feel it. But as I say I havnt confirmed i had 8 PSI I will do that soon, the very next step i am taking is putting on standard non-flex forks tomorrow morning and will be trying it out on a couple lawns. As I rode a toro yesturday very similar in size and weight to the hustler, it was like getting in a car with suspension in comparison to the SZ, it had standard forks so I woudl like to try standard forks on SZ before changing anything else.

The dealer has now got the weight kit and some new tyres to put on, the weight kit is the one designed for using a catcher on SZ, so there is a considerable amount of weight. I dont liek this idea much as noone else needs to use it, if it rectifies the problem then it will be worthwhile i suppose. I will take it in next week for those to be fitted.
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