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Originally Posted by Mickhippy View Post
Not really mate, I have a few more to go though.

Have to watch them in 720p or they look cr@p!
Have another look at . Im going very slowly and the rut not bad at all but keep clicking around the 8.43 mark. You can easily see my knee and leg taking up the shock. My head barely moves. I notice I do move the sticks a little but machine doesnt jerk. Its not a great example but still...
hmm yes i can see the jerking. Im getting that all the time, even with your feet your head still jerks a little and as u say its a minor rut. Thats something I have yet to feel on any other machine. In my case its really un acceptable, I must have rough lawns compared with everyone else. Anyway haent given up yet, still a few things to try.
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