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Originally Posted by 1idejim View Post
If that is the best you can do lad you may want to take a night class at the local high school.
Your enormous ego sure is fragile. I have a buddy of mine that you could be twins with, little bitty guy we call shorty. Little banty rooster he is. Oh well, back to your comment. You prolly think that i sit around doing nothing all day every day. Not quite, i work most every day doing exactly what i want to do, i wouldn't trade my life for anyones. Every day is a little different. Yesterday we poured the floor for a pole building we're doing so i took the day off to build fence and ended up putting a neighbors cows back in, talked TDR with a young fellow from Tx, sure like helping him. Got everything but the transformer and the wire up. I guess that doesn't impress you but i am not on this rock to impress you

Sorry it took so long to finish this reply, i took a call from a young gal that looked at the pole building this afternoon and wants one at her ranch with a solar pakage installed.
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I still want to hear how you are going to install a 24 zone controller in a few minutes. Cat got your tongue?

A whole paragraph about how you don't have any work? and I am the one that needs night classes?
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