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My BB Lightning came with an electric deck lift standard, and it also has the optional manual (foot) deck lift. You can set the electric lift where you want it, and then use the manual foot lift to pop the deck up over obstacles. When you release the manual lift it will return to whatever height the electric lift is set at.

Because the electric lifts (that I'm aware of) are slower than the hydraulic lifts, I wouldn't want just an electric lift can't just pop the deck up and down quickly when going over something. The elec lift on my mower is even slower than the one in the Gravely video. But, this is no concern if you also have the manual foot lift.

As for the location of the switch for the elec lift, at first I too thought I'd install one on the right lap bar. But, before I got around to it, I soon realized that you soon no longer have to look down to find the switch. You can instantly find it while holding the 2 ends of the lap bars in your other hand.

I'm sure I'd like the switch on the bar, but at this time I don't think it would be worth the effort. I now make adjustments on "auto pilot"....without even thinking about what I'm doing.

As for wiring problems when placing the switch on a lap bar, I don't think you'd have any trouble at all if you used a "curly cord" (like an old style phone cord).
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