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years ago changing blades on a old 42" ferris wasn't paying attention and put the shims on the bolt before the blade, the center blade was cutting about an inch higher then the side blades and of course didn't know until I was on my first account of the day and the tool were at the shop......made that day about 2 hours longer then needed.

A co worker who was with the company for 2 years put straight gas in a 4 day old 2 stroke lawnboy. Thing ran great for about 3 minutes till the engine seized. lol

Another co worker hopped in the truck to move it because he blocked the cotumers driveway when we got there right after he put the push mower inbetween the truck and trailer, ran over it, smashed to pieces.

Customer stories...
An elderly couple we used to take care of, both not all there in thier old age. Wife comes outside says hi and tells me she has to drive to the doctor because her husband is having a check up, jumps in her car and leaves. 5 minutes later the husband comes outside and asks me if I seen his wife!!!

Best one ever.....Old guy comes out of his house to talk with me telling me how we do such a fantastic job and so on. When he said his piece he took a step back as he was turning to go back in his house, rolls his ankle over the edge of his flower bed and slow motion falls into his flowers. Instantly turned into a dick and started chewing me out saying that we are making his flower beds too big by edging them!! It took everything in me to not burst out laughing at him.
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