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Originally Posted by greenology View Post
Your lawns seem to get a lot of growth between cuts, do your clients try stretch out the cuts as far as they can? I try not to have most lawns any longer than 2 weeks, a few are weekly. Id hate to be spending $200 + per week just to have my lawns cut but in some cases its the only way.

i guess being in qld you have more rain than us down here?

Im still running with the mulch kit atm, but within a month or so we will start getting too much growth for me to continue mulching. I dont find the blades work as efficiently with mulching, i get straglers left behind (weeds & tall grasses) , unless cutting a nice lush thick grass, in which case the cut quality is very good.
Mine are weekly or fortnightly, generally! Had heaps of rain this year, place was soaked. Some, like my place in the vid, didnt get done for 4,5 and 6 weeks! Just couldnt get on them!

I'll be interested to see how you go when you take the mulch kit off and discharge. If youve read my posts you'll see the problems Ive had with it. Not the long stuff like in these vids but just normal dry grass. Been doing my head in. I hope you have better luck!
That said, the actual cut is great, no stringers, only the occasional long (12"+) stemmy weed in thin areas.
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