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Originally Posted by xstatikplus View Post
because it's not my equipment and my boss is too cheap to buy a proper rack. we have 3 of them and all of them did it from brand new but all run fine....oldest one is about 5 years old so highly doubt anything is wrong with it if it did it from brand new till now and still runs strong. if you have one try resting it with the carb side down for 10 minutes then open the air box and check the filter. I'd put money on it that it will be soaked in fuel.
I have 5 of them...they all hang in our truck with tank above carb...all day, everyday...none of them do this. Before we had vertical rack they hung horizontally upside down...right side up...didn't do it then either. I'm willing to bet your problem is the heat from the sun in back I truck causing them to do would cause the pressure in tank to increase.
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