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Originally Posted by mtmower View Post
Another full stick run!! Put one more tick on the "you can cut full stick" side. I'll say it till I'm blue You Can Cut Full Stick, I Cut Full Stick Every Week I've been cutting with SZs for the last 12 years and no you can't do it on every property, with every grass type but IMO I have some of the tougher grass types to cut. Can't be too rough, too steep, too thick, or too wet but when the conditions are right these machines save cut fast with a good cut. If your one to argue it you need to spend some time on a SZ. But be careful you may buy one.

I think that pretty well answers the question, that yes you can mow at full stick with a Hustler Super Z mower and leave no grass standing, and if there was a problem with blade strikes this would theoretically be impossible.

The top speed on a Super Z is not for transport, but for mowing in good conditions, and if anyone has a problem believing this, call Hustler and they will answer your questions 620-327-4911.
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